Cheryl Sudduth

An experienced policy advocate and molecular cell biologist & biochemist, Cheryl Sudduth has spent a lifetime advocating for Girls y Women, underserved youth, people with disAbilities and disadvantaging conditions, and our Wounded Warriors. Her professional experiences helping provide job opportunities & training improving coupled with her community-based service on various commissions and local school board committees and youth mentoring services, make her the best choice to represent our US. 

Cheryl’s unrelenting pursuit of equality is borne in her actions.

She has fought against corporate greed and against prioritizing executive compensation over needed services to our communities. Whether professionally or through grassroots work as an ACLU Board Director, CC Racial Justice Coalition Steering Committee member, CC Immigration Rights Alliance, CC Budget Justice Coalition Steering Committee member, or NAACP Board Director, she has been directly involved in fighting for racial justice, equity, inclusivity, & environmental justice, proactively confronting and challenging the dynamics of power and privilege in society.

She has worked tirelessly in the community effecting change with and through: BWOPA / Sierra Club / League of Women Voters (LWBAE) /  East Oakland Collective (EOC) / Ella Baker Center / Oakland Justice Collective (OJC) / WC Detention Center Strategy Team / Albany Coming Together (ACT) / interFaith Alliance / SF Jewish Family & Children’s Services / Children’s Hospital-Oakland / Girl Scouts / AHS PTSA / Boys & Girls Club and many other grassroots organizations. 

She has fought steadily to hold elected officials accountable for public safety and fiscal responsibility. She has campaigned tirelessly for not just Equal Pay yet FAIR pay. She believes equity has as its foundation the need for a solid economic base which means all people must be adequately educated and competent to compete in a global environment. This all starts with a quality public education system - a financial investment which will help close the achievement gap and subsequent economic disparities. As well, individuals need choices – real choices in education and job training.  We need a diverse workforce trained in all aspects of business based on what best suits individual workers – college-based learning, industry training, skills-based learning, technology or technical training, hands-on or experiential or on-the-job training, etc. Creative, realistic approaches to workforce development is the way to help close the economic gaps for the most underserved and vulnerable members of our communities.

Professionally, Cheryl’s work at Sony and Siebel negotiating multimillion dollar, multinational agreements and training international sales teams earned her numerous awards and recognitions. Her work as a Sr. Director at Goodwill creating programs which employ & train People with significant disAbilities, Veterans, Wounded Warriors, and those with disadvantaging conditions, has helped thousands earn living wages and paid benefits. She has a proven record of creating jobs for those considered 'unemployable'. She has a career’s worth of experience she will utilize to help create high quality jobs and create innovative ways to employ more people.

As Senior Director of Contracts for Goodwill Industries, Cheryl developed their employment strategy and helps shape Goodwill's AbilityOne programs for people with significant disAbilities through job training, employment experience, and life skills training. These programs have been instrumental in assisting hundreds of workers with disAbilities achieve self-sufficiency. She also serves as the agency's Government Policy Subject Matter Expert and Senior Compliance Officer. Cheryl’s work in Contract Negotiations and Management at Siebel Systems and Sony has provided her sound expertise in negotiations, mediation, and problem resolution helping her establish a stelllar reputation as an ethical and unwavering advocate for the unrepresented and underrepresented, for which she continues to garner local, national and international acclaim for her advocacy and leadership.

In addition to her professional and academic pursuits, Cheryl is also a dedicated parent y mentor, community activist, environmentalist and fighter, working tirelessly toward social and economic equity, racial justice, disAbility awareness and Veterans rights, environmental justice, educational system evolution, just immigration, and civil+human rights.

A Wife of nearly 25 years to a Longshoreman, and the proud mother of three (23, 20, 16) college students - 2016 Morehouse College graduate & MBA student, current 3y Morehouse College civil engineering student, and a current 1y PreMed-Biology/Biochemistry student at Saint Mary’s College-CA, as well as a youth Mentor (over 1400 girls since 1992), Cheryl has been fully engaged in empowering the next generation. She volunteers regularly in ‘Women in STEM’ events, Girl Scouts, science learning events in local schools & fundraising activities benefiting Sickle Cell Anemia research. 

Over the course of nearly twelve years, she has created hundreds of opportunities for youth to gain invaluable life skills through sports through her nonprofit 'ICYSports'. Through her volunteer work as a mentor, life coach, and etiquette trainer for young women, she has positively affected the lives of thousands of individuals.


Cheryl presents a much-needed voice in our political system - dedicated to social and economic justice, fiscal prudence, empowerment of our girls, protection of constitutional & civil & human rights for everyone rather than a select few, safe communities, job training, truly affordable health care, just immigration policies, living wages which are fair to employees yet incentivize employers, and protection of women’s rights. Committed to all forms of equity, not just in principle, yet in practice, Cheryl follows the lead of the disAbility community which believes, "Nothing About Us Without Us", so the best method of knowing what’s right for any particular group starts by asking that group - whether its People of Color, People with disAbilities, Women, Students, impacted persons, children, thrivers of rape or abuse or other trauma, or other marginalized groups.

It all begins with ensuring we all have seats at the decision-making tables – including legislative bodies, especially legislative seats. It is not enough to appoint individuals to token positions or to positions of 'counsel'. Representation must be true and equitable, measurable and valued at all levels of governance at the levels of diversity as they are within the American society. This starts today with diverse, talented, qualified Women like Cheryl who are willing to step forward to lead the next generation. She has established a stellar reputation for principled and independent leadership, unafraid to take on the tough issues, create sound, pragmatic resolutions, and speak up for those she represents, for a more just society, a richer nation, a safer world.

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