Speaking Out...



Until this society actually views Girls y women as Human Beings as worthy of protection; 
Until this society prioritizes the health y welfare of its Girls y Women; 
Until this society sees rape culture for what it is - an immoral, traumatizing violation of another’s humanity; 
Until this society stops blaming the assaulted y makes the PAIN of perpetrating these immoral y heinous violations of another’s body GREATER than the temporary rewards they derive from the power they yield over the individual being assaulted/raped; 
Until this society adequately punishes those in positions of power who abuse those over whom they are responsible for caring and protecting or have authority;
Until this society sees survivors of rape y sexual violence as worthy of being heard y respected (rather than silenced y ignored); 
Until this society makes Her feel safe enough to tell Her story without apprehension, without reservation, without fear of reprisal; 
Until this society starts believing Her when She does speak y tell her story; 
Until this society stops protecting rapists, stops coddling sexual predators y sexually violent individuals; 
Until institutions of higher learning stop failing their student survivors of rape y sexual assault due to systemic failures, tunnel vision, deaf ears to students’ cries for help y support, y lack of student services and supports; 
Until then, 
The marginalized will do what they must to survive. 
And as a ‘thriver’ since sexual assault on campus in the ‘90s... #WeKnowWhatYouDid is not new to #SpelHouse or the #AUC or UofIllinois or UCBerkeley or 100s of other high school y college campuses nationwide. #CallItOut
And don’t just call out the rapists/assaulters names. Let them know YOU are a Human Being, not just a piece of flesh. Hold them accountable. #SayHerName #SayHisName #CallItOut
REAL Men will get it.
They’ll be ‘brave’ in the face of their fellow Men and stand firm in ‘true’ manhood.
They’ll stand up and rise up.
They’ll join forces and man up to do what’s right.
They’ll stop apologizing y mansplaining.
They’ll stop excusing y turning a blind eye.
They’ll step in to defend those being assaulted. 
They’ll stop their fellow brethren IN THE MOMENT y guide the misguided. 
They’ll teach each other, their sons (y daughters) that true masculinity means treating Girls y Women with respect y equity. 
They’ll act like actual humans y treat Us like humans, total humans.
Gracías for speaking Your Truth #WeKnowWhatYouDid.
Not everyone has the ability to speak up.
It takes strength of Character.
It takes Courage.
There’s Power in your Words.
You have given others strength, power, character, courage.
Don’t back down. #SayHerName #CallItOut

Why Aren't More Women In Elected Political Offices?

Why aren't more women in office? Government gridlock, negative campaigns, inadequate funding, family responsibilities, roadblocks to powerful endorsers, & career timing all have a role.

Often, men are perfectly fine with the ways things are & electing women are not hug on their agenda. Negative campaigning is a way of life for most male politicians & their support teams and may even stem from other women who are threatened by the unfamiliar. Some go so far as to influence endorsers not to support women so as to maintain the political male domination. Women usually campaign with less money than their male counterparts because asking for money for themselves is outside their comfort zone. Family and career obligations also impact women's decisions & the outcome of their races.

More women, esp minority women, would be in office in more women, esp minority women would stop tolerating the status quo. You cannot change was is tolerable to you. Ignite change by saying no to what is...

In the meanwhile, I will continue to be ME, regardless of what 'they' do or say. Ma Salaama.