Breaking the Silence: Town Hall for Women & Girls of Color

This particularly Town Hall was special. It was not just the perfect setting for collaboration and the solicitation of community needs, 

yet for thought provocation,

and the much -needed y the much-desired

expression of deep rooted feelings of angst, anxiety, mistrust, abandonment by so many inc family y partners/institutions y society, plus anger, hopelessness, despair and cynicism...

Then connections with like-minded women, young women, girls, cis y trans...

Followed by transitions of healing or the beginnings/makings of an emotional journey towards that front...


Whether educational or health concerns or violence issues or housing, the overwhelming sense of urgency to HEAR OUR voices and attend to OUR needs was evident and expressed without reservation. 

{**Thank you Annie Campbell Washington for being there to listen y participate on your own and on behalf of the City of Oakland. We look forward to collaborating on forming the new Commission on Women & Girls of Color.}


In the end, we know Our stories must be TOLD so we may begin the process of healing and so others may know they are not alone. We will Tell not so some may politicize (us) but so we may be Humanized. 

And when we Tell, We must be HEARD. 

We must be BELIEVED. 

We must be SUPPORTED. 

We must be UPLIFTED. 

We must be HEALED. 


And our work is not complete until 

We ensure Not One Woman (however identified) is left behind. 


There is no other way.

#btsbayarea #sayhername

Ma Salaama. 

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