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Ecology, Environment, Energy y Environmental Justice

As an Environmental Scientist, Cellular & Molecular Biologist and Biochemist, and as a Humanist, fighting for environmental justice is a high priority esp. in our marginalized communities disproportionately subjected to hazardous environmental conditions y corporate practices.

Each of us has a shared interest in preserving y protecting y sustaining this planet which sustains each of us. We need clean air. We deserve clean air. We need clean water. We deserve clean water. Each of us has a shared responsibility to ensure every community - regardless of ethnic, cultural or economic makeup - to address disparate impact of our industrial society on minority y other marginalized communities and to ensure access to these basic necessities (clean water, clean air). 

Even though the current Presidential Administration has denounced climate change and pulled America from the Paris Climate Agreement, we must remain proactive in taking action to protect people and the planet, ensure clean water y clean air for everyone, protect natural areas, y provide a safe ecological environment and clean energy future for all.


In that vein, we need to actively protest the building of the Keystone Pipeline XL, fracking activity of any type, as well as promote a halt to Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. We must urge legislators to pass legislation on renewable electricity generation y decrease our reliance on nuclear power, while still working towards more environmentally-sound transportation alternatives to reduce driving, highway congestion y pollution. Agriculture & Food Safety In the manner of Food Safety, we must continue to ensure farmers and other food producers are being held accountable, including safe working conditions for workers, accurate food labeling, humane treatment of animals, food safety guidelines, phase out of pesticides, and promotion of urban gardens. Accountability We also need proactive legislation to support accountability for energy storage systems, incentives for affordable solar systems, reduction of fossil fuel emissions, protection of water sources from contamination, reduction of California's dependence on natural gas y replacing with renewable energy, reduction of plastic pollution, y sustainable conservation efforts of natural resources y public lands. 

Specifically, I've worked on:

  • Mandating water agencies automatically test water systems for better water purity plus walls, paint, y other surfaces in all public schools and public housing for lead & other hazardous substances (mercury, fluoride, chlorine, dioxins, perchlorate, DDT, HCB, arsenic, etc.). Then remedying any situations testing positive. Setting up testing stations for children in marginalized/impoverished communities to be tested for lead & other toxins. Offering support for any positive results. Provide all homes and school campuses with water filters for water y drinking faucets for free/reduced rates.
  • Mitigating existing and growing food deserts in marginalized/impoverished communities by negotiating public-private partnerships with grocers to provide actual grocery stores with fresh produce and quality food choices for the community to have healthier options.
  • Promoting access to clean, low-cost green energy solutions for low-moderate income households and offer incentives to providers.
  • Reducing waste going in to our landfills by requiring manufacturers to move towards a zero-waste model. Improving/expanding access and availability of public transit options in marginal marginalized/impoverished communities (offer reduced rate fares/fares based on ability to pay). Lobbying for No Coal in Oakland or any area in our communities.


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