Healthcare & Social Benefits

Healthcare must be of paramount concern as individual and community health is wholly connected to social and economic conditions. In addition to comprehensive healthcare for everyone, it is imperative we fight for community health centers which focus on promoting preventative care and wellness in our communities, esp. our marginalized communities. This is an essential aspect of primary healthcare which must not be downplayed or forgotten.

Additionally, we also must not forget to include all residents in our healthcare conversations incl. those needing multi-lingual, ASL, multicultural, disAbility-related and culturally-competent services, as well as protecting our undocumented neighbors who need care and assistance without fear of repression and deportation.

Lastly, we must eliminate inherent discriminatory practices in healthcare which create inequities in access to and delivery in care and medical deserts that disproportionately affect our communities of color, elderly, impoverished families, homeless, those with disAbilities, incarcerated & re-entry persons. 

In addition to fighting to ensure comprehensive healthcare - medical, dental, vision, & mental health - is fully available to all in support of Health4All, I believe it important to continue fighting to mandate counties provide trauma-equipped medical centers in all areas, esp. marginalized communities. This is what the community is made a priority, so it is a legislative priority for me. For our seniors and others that qualify for these benefits, Medicare is a crucial health safety net and a promise that must not be broken. They have earned these benefits and we owe it to them to protect them. For people with disAbilities, protecting the ADA is of paramount concern and I will continue to work tirelessly to ensure continued protections are retained.





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