All of our residents deserve equal opportunity for access to quality, income-indexed housing.

Housing which meets varying socioeconomic needs especially low-income, low-low-income, and moderate-income families which includes multi-family units, cluster housing, single-family homes, modular and prefabricated houses & townhouses must be high priority.

As well, it is important we continue to build and advocate for safe, clean housing & supportive services for people experiencing homelessness, poverty, or chronic illness. As important, we need housing created specifically for our Veterans. 

We can create an inclusive, shared economy which does not uproot current residents.

  • Create mixed use complexes with low/moderate/market rate housing in 10/20/70 ratios which provide communities & developer with +/+ benefits.
  • Create transit-accessible housing options which combine housing, employment y amenity-rich communities-within-communities housing complexes with low/moderate/market rate mixed use situated in areas most in need of transit services, which has suffered greatly impacted by lack of services to date.
  • Create incentive programs for developers meeting stated mixed rate ratios & levy appropriate impact fees to those not in compliance.
  • Ensure state compliance department is holding all communities accountable for zoning regulations and contributing to meeting housing demands or consider impact fees for noncompliance.
  • Consider the social, emotional, and economic impacts of uprooting & displacing the marginalized and the reparations owed to these individuals, rebuilding these communities, and placing residents back into their homes.
  • Strengthen our communities through limited rent stabilization and tenant protections while minimizing impact to small rental unit owners; we can create a shared economy.
  • Utilize air space in creating additional housing opportunities.
  • Create mini sponsored villages with tech and corporations willing to share in the profits. East Bay communities have the land and inventory; Silicon Valley & SF have the need for property for their employees who need homes and short commutes.

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