Houston, 2017

When tragedy strikes, we Americans do what we do best—we put our differences aside, roll up our sleeves, and get through those hard times TOGETHER. In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, rescue efforts no lines of faith, culture, race, politics, gender or sexual orientation got in the way of rescue efforts. The full range of federal, state and local governments worked hard, and in unity. Public servants earned our deepest, continued thanks for their service, and private citizens stepped in to rescue, comfort, donate, raise funds and showed compassion and raise their hands in prayer. The apparent divisiveness of weeks past melted away when it came time to help rescue, comfort, and pray for the families affected by this crisis.
The basic instinct of human beings to pitch in and help their fellow man, woman, and child—no matter the transient personal or personality issues that we usually have—is refreshing, heartwarming and inspiring. In moments of despair, in waist-deep water, trying to save another human's life, one simply does not care what color a person is, or who the person chooses to sleep with, or who they voted for in the last election. THIS is our humanity in action. THIS is who we REALLY are when it counts. THIS Is who we can be ALL the time..  
May this reminder, this tragedy's unintended revelation, be a welcome consequence for our future interactions with one another. 
Our children are watching.
Salaams, CS

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