Immigration can be a tough subject. We all want safe, secure borders and a dynamic economy. Yet, good-intentioned people can disagree on how to fix our immigration system and make it work for everyone.

The previous Administration's crackdown on undocumented Californians and their families, has left many of us living in fear. Over the years, politicians from both parties have tried to work on a legislation to address immigrants who came to the country with their parents when they were children (DREAMers), their families, residents on temporary protected status permits (TPS program), as well as other undocumented residents. That bill never materialized.

Now, the futures of over millions of people still await Congressional action...

And lives have been left in limbo... 

We need to establish meaningful legislation that will create stability and safety in our communities, promote economic opportunity and provide required amnesty and citizenship paths for DACA and TPS applicants and their families.

We need to support meaningful sanctuary policies, including maintaining & reinforcing school district policies, prioritize funding for rapid response programs. Support organizations that provide legal and support services to defend undocumented residents facing detention &/or deportation.

We also need comprehensive oversight of the implementation and enforcement of SB-54 including monitoring and auditing law enforcement's contact and dealings with ICE to ensure stated practices match with stated policies as well as the intent of the regulations. This oversight must include a mandate to eliminate any voluntary cooperation between law enforcement and Immigration Officials, that Law Enforcement track and thoroughly report any and all interactions with Immigration Officials and hold TRUTH Act public forums as mandated under the law. 

Additionally, we must ensure humane treatment of all persons being held in state and county detention centers and jails.

We must also make sure that all Law Enforcement personnel must be held accountable for any and all mistreatment/abuse of all individuals, codified in a Detainees' Bill of Rights and legislation that ensure Detainees' due process.

Lastly, we believe it is time for the U.S. to eliminate ICE and return enforcement of the immigration system to the U.S. Department of Justice. The lack of oversight of ICE and the abuse of its authority has resulted in horrific humanitarian concerns at the border. We cannot allow this to continue. 




















































































































































































































































































































































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