It is vitally important the person representing our community truly understands the issues we face - not just in principle, yet lives them, experiences them, not just reads it or hears about it from a distance, really knows.

We are a diverse community. We speak English, Spanish, Tagalog, Punjabi, Laotian, Cantonese, Mandarin, Arabic, and many other dialects in between. We are over 70% people of color. Many of us first and second generation immigrants. We are overwhelmingly working class - some of us working, some of us looking for working, some of us hoping to work.  Our community deserve a working-class champion who not only knows the community, knows the People. One who is an unrelenting advocate for the community, for the People because they are her neighbors, her family. She lives here, serves here, reared her family and has sent her children to local schools here, frequents the grocers and small businesses here, drinks the water and breathes the air here, owns property and pays taxes here, and speaks the language of the People (in more ways than one). 

When it comes down to it, we all have the same basic needs - clean food, clean water, fresh air, and a sense of security, and it is possible to have these things and solve the myriad of other hard issues we face with the right political courage and will.

It is imperative we operate from the People’s Agenda and the People’s Budget. We believe the People’s money should be spent on the People’s needs, which are many and great but not impossible. If we can find ways to meet the needs of corporations and the wealthy, we can find ways to meet the needs of the working people, the low wage and no wage earners, the working class and hardly working class and want to work but can’t find work class. If we can print money to bail out banks and manufacturers who turn around and irresponsibly pay out huge bonuses to executives and/or ship jobs over seas while laying off people who live here in America who need those jobs, then we can keep that printing press running to bail out our communities and public schools and small businesses.
We have to stop accepting ‘can’t’ and letting politicians tell us what they won’t do when they work for us and instead decide what we need and want in our communities - not just to survive, but to thrive, then be bold in our vision and unrelenting and courageous in our pursuit of fulfillment.
As it stands, we need housing, healthcare (Medicare for All), returning water rights to the people (rather than corporations or few greedy capitalistic resellers), jobs (prevailing living wage jobs, federal/state & municipal jobs programs), environmental protections (stronger regulations, fines for violators), just Immigration (abolishment of ICE, non-discriminatory pathways to citizenship), restoration of voting rights, protection of our most vulnerable & deserving - Women, Children, Elderly, People with disAbilities, and Veterans (pass/renew the Violence Against Women Act, ratify the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, enact additional Elder Justice protections, allocate funding, resources, and support for the VA plus Veterans housing, healthcare and mental health services).
This is OUR commUNITY, this is OUR District, and we deserve a working-class champion who reflects US - not another egotistical, drive-by politician interested in staying in office to reach a milestone, making empty promises and only showing up during election season or for photo ops. We deserve a representative from our community who does live here and has lived here and who has worked tirelessly (as I have, as we have). We deserve a working-class champion. We deserve one of us. 

Elect Cheryl Sudduth on June 7th.
No Comprada. No Devuelta. Irrompible. | Unbought. Unbeholden. Unbreakable.

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