There can be no true social justice without economic equity! It is 2022 and Women still earn considerably less than their male counterparts for men in the same line of work. The average woman earns just 77¢ for every $1 made by a man in the same job. This wage gap will cost a woman $443K over the course of her career - enough to pay off a mortgage or to send three students to the University of California. And if you are a woman of color, that number gets even smaller: Black Women make just 63¢ and Latinx Women make just 54¢ for every $1 earned by a white man doing the same job. Those are crisis numbers -- and we owe it to women and their families to end pay discrimination.

It costs a lot to live in the Bay and studies show an hourly wage of $44.00 is needed to truly 'live affordably'. In the absence of this, let us advocate for Income Equity through living wages based on prevailing wages or the federal wage determination register for the SF Bay Area with paid benefits with appropriate COLA and hazard pay adjustments and insist on the enforcement of existing wage & hour regulations. Current estimates indicate a minimum wage of $26.75/hr. plus $4.36/hr. in benefits. This rate varies based on industry.

As well, we need true Workforce Development & Worker Justice that (a) enforces existing policies requiring local hires & respects, (b) support of workers’ rights to unionize, collectively bargain, & develop CLAs (community labor agreements) which reflect the needs of the community, (c) includes a progressive tax system tied to local budgets that prioritize workforce development & other needs of the community, (d) provide improved access to discounted/no-charge access to public transportation for low-income and workforce development community members, and (e) support community workforce development and pathways to employment programs to train workers for good-paying careers.   

We need to enforce & develop Equity Policies that promote racial, gender & cultural equity in employment & business development. We must create a central good governance program within the district with offices in each major city to track implementation of programs and social services policies. Protect and expand community programs and organizations. Enforcing existing policies and enacting new policies as required, with a significant focus on underserved/under-participating minority communities in priority and emerging industries.

Working families have been hit hard over the past few years. we can support them by closing skills gap, wage gap, and keeping jobs here. 

We can work with local and regional governments to allocate federal, state, and local funding to create regional/state/federal jobs programs and 100,000s of infrastructure jobs to fix crumbling roads, bridges, unmaintained parks & open spaces, buildings, water, and wastewater systems. These programs will offer paid on-the-job-training opportunities and pay local prevailing wages or from the federal wage determination registers incl. benefits (vision, dental, medical, life) plus vacation & sick leave, with an uplift for hazardous duty or special equipment operation. These programs may offer career opportunities for many, Military Veterans, Wounded Warriors, Workers with disAbilities, reentry persons, displaced or transitioning workers, and others.

Small businesses, the backbone of our economy and communities, are worth the investment and support; Cheryl has been and will continue to be a champion for their needs to get them resources to recover from the pandemic and continue to grow our economy.

Cheryl has a proven record of creating worker-friendly policies and will utilize her 25+ years of experience of creating innovative workforce development initiatives to help close economic gaps for women and our most underserved and vulnerable groups including those considered 'unemployable', plus work with local leaders to obtain the funds we need to improve the conditions of our crumbling roads, structures, & public buildings, esp. in marginalized & low-income areas.




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