Puerto Rico...Dear Leadership

Dear CA (US) Senators, CA (US) Congressional Reps, CA State Senators, CA State Reps, CDP, DNC, IND, RNC, CRP, and Whomever Else is Soliciting...

Please take Due Note:
Until there is considerable change in the status of the ~3.5M American citizens of Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 and the ~108k American citizens in the US Virgin Islands🇻🇬, I'm not sending one penny, one note, one survey, one phone call, one iota of energy or support for your spats y petty email wars.

With no food, clean water, Rx, fuel or money - we are in the middle of a humanitarian crisis so I could care less re the latest email battle or $ for ad campaigns in political battles which are costing more money than should be allowed when too many of our fellow Americans haven't even heard from their familias in EIGHT DAYS.

That's EIGHT DAYS of not knowing whether your 80y-90y old grandparent is okay. EIGHT DAYS of not knowing whether your child, cousin, Tío, friends or other familia are living or not. EIGHT DAYS of them stressed out that you are worried about them.

EIGHT DAYS of them living without power; without clean water; without adequate food; with little or diminishing or NO necessary medical supplies. EIGHT DAYS cut off from the world.

SO, NO I will not send you $3 or $5 or $1. NO I will not tweet #45 and tell him how I feel. Because some of you are there with him and have spent these EIGHT DAYS not pushing him to do the right thing so you are just as complicit.
NO I will not forget in June18 or Nov18 and I will make certain all I know won't forget either.

There is a lot We expect of You All re Healthcare. Economy. Immigration. Taxes. Education. The #1 Expectation and Duty though? Don't let Americans Die Needlessly.


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