Civil Rights are Human Rights and Human Rights are a birth right.

No one, regardless of their supposed race, color, nationality, national origin or culture needs to prove their humanity! Each of us has already proven our rightful existence by virtue of being born. Almost all of us were awarded a certificate for it when we left the hospital - or shortly thereafter. 

Inherent in being born Human is the basic right to not be harassed, no matter one's ethnicity, race, color, culture, national origin nationality...

My life's work has resolved around EQUITY with a chief proponent around Racial Justice. As a Woman of Color, especially a Black/Brown Muslimah Woman with a disAbility, all of my work is done through an anti-racism and intersectional lens as I am dedicated to ensuring no person is subjected to racism or inequity on the basis of color, race, nationality or national origin. As an ACLU Board Member, a Steering Committee Member of the Racial Justice Coalition and the Immigration Rights Alliance and a member of the multiFaith Coalition and multi-Racial Task Force, I am dedicated to combating racism in all forms and fighting for equity for all persons while addressing the myriad of issues that disproportionately and negatively impact people of color.

For me, Human Rights are indivisible and I am committed to identifying and fighting against those barriers to equality and justice that are imposed by racism. This includes equity and accountability in all areas of equal opportunity and social justice - employment, education, policing and justice systems determinations. Every person deserves a right to live without fear of intimidation or harassment - a right to good-paying job opportunities (with equal pay based on skills), a right to paid benefits, a right to unfettered access to quality public education, a right to the opportunity to exercise one's right to vote without interference or issue, a right to access adequate quality y affordable healthcare, and the right to constitutional due process no matter one's ethnicity, national origin or economic status.  As an advocate for fair and impartial policing policies, it is imperative equity, transparency and accountability to the public around issues of bias and use-of-force protocols be adequately addressed. 

In addition, I especially condemn the racism that inflicts the double burden of race and sex discrimination on Women of Color and the additional burdens that impact Women of Color who are also Muslim or Jewish (or Buddhist, Sikh or simply non-Christian) and/or Women with disAbilities. I continue to be committed to fighting for equal opportunities for women of color in all areas including employment, education and reproductive rights.



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