I am dedicated to protecting human rights for all people through a justice system which focuses on intervention, prevention, rehabilitation, and true reform. This includes a system that reinvests a portion of law enforcement funds into community-based programs and services. That will directly benefit the community such as, education, diversion, rehabilitation, therapy, mental health, substance treatment, intervention, re-entry, etc. These services will aid in the balancing of the responsibility to provide safety for our communities by punishing those who commit the most serious of crimes, impose serious harm to the rest of us and represent a dangerous threat to our communities based on their perpetration of such serious crimes AND providing opportunities for redemption for those individuals who have made mistakes (committing less serious offenses) and deserve a second chance. 

A system which: 

  • Protects the Human Rights for all People through a justice system which focuses on reducing mass incarceration and reinvests in the community via program services: education, prevention, intervention, diversion, alternative restitution, rehabilitation, mental healthcare, substance treatment, wrap-around trauma-informed social services in schools and public defenders' offices.
  • Which includes actual juvenile justice reform which supports our youth through adequate, well-staffed treatment facilities & effective services for them and their families, utilizing detention as a last resort and does not house minors in adult prison facilities.
  • Which includes mandatory independent investigations of all instances of misconduct y corruption by law enforcement (police, corrections, BART patrol, security, etc.) and which requires hybrid (industry-community-government) oversight boards to audit/track implementation and oversight of programs.
  • Which offers true restorative justice programs focused on centered on the harmed initiating the action and the harmer being able to work through any issues, including his/her own past incidents of being personally harmed, then returning to the community to reintegrate and create closure and/or make amends as needed & appropriate.
  • Which advocates for pre-trial detention measures which eradicates pay-for-liberty money bail and which does not include discriminatory loopholes which disproportionately affects Black/Brown persons or those affected by poverty (i.e. use of employment status, housing security, naturalization status, providing passport identification, etc.).

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