Social Responsibility

"You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.” -Abraham Lincoln

Homeless Vets, Provoked Bigotry, Diminished Educational Systems, Slight of Hand & Mouth Leading to Greed & Theft of Resources, Purposeful Neglect & Deception of the People, Ignoring the Poor, Coddling the Wealthy, Inciting War.

In a nation which prides itself on being the leader of the free world, is it not shameless the ones who serve in the greatest capacity one may ask of another - to lay one's life on the line in service to country and fellow man - are often the most forgotten ones? The Veterans of Foreign Wars should never have to want for housing, medical services, psychological care or basic life services yet throughout society, there is an inordinate number of homeless veterans, starving veterans, and veterans lacking resources to attain proper psychological/psychiatric care - all of which should be oxymoronic in consideration of their sacrifices and services.

Bigotry in and of itself is a sad statement of man's inert inability to accept and embrace another's natural differences. However, it is the stoking of that bigotry by individuals in positions of power or perceived power which is a dangerous threat to our national's security and the way we, as a multicultural, multiracial, multiethnic society engage with one another. The intentional provoking of hate speech and base fears to pit one group again another group or group(s) in an effort to bolster one's own weak position and agenda is not only deplorable, it is antithetical to the premise of the nation's founding.

The country thrives on Capitalism - it is the way of the land, and for good reason. Capitalism breeds healthy competition, drives markets, rids of monopolies,  and keeps prices reasonable for consumers. Capitalism fuels the economy and spurs innovation - quicker, better, more efficient, less time=less money -> greater profit. I'm not against Capitalism, I'm against Greed.  

Education is and always will be the deciding factor between the haves and the have nots. With the US currently ranked at a dismal 19th in the world, it appears our entire system could use an overhaul - in principle and approach.


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